What is C60 Olive Oil?

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What is C60 Olive Oil?

What is C60 Olive Oil?

What is C60 Olive Oil?

C60 (also called Fullerene) is a molecule that resembles a soccer ball. It is a molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of sixty carbon atoms (C60). It is found  in nature, typically in soot or other carbon based ash in very small amounts.

The physical properties of C60 made them a medical curiosity many years ago, because they are physically inactive (they won’t react with anything, & therefore thought to be harmless), they are a very strong, very light carbon that could act like molecular cages.

Now, since this material is made of carbon atoms which are chemically inert and joined together in a perfect symmetry, other compounds that are unstable stick to these molecules as glue. Since free radicals are highly unstable molecules,  C60 molecules are very good at cleaning up free radicals, this has been proven in rodent studies.

C60 has been documented to be 10-100x more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin E. Also, a previous study conducted in Alzheimer rodents treated with C60, rodents developed Alzheimer’s disease in later life, & as a result, longer lived (PNAS, 1997).

The problem with C60 is that they don’t dissolve in water, because they are chemically inert.

Ok I now understand what C60 is, but what is C60 Olive Oil?

There are several things that are of interest in a paper titled “The extension of life span of rats by repeated oral administration of (60) Fullerene” recently published (April 2012). They first have one simple and elegant solution to solve the C60 problem with solubility. They simply dissolve C60 in another solution which is also harmless, which was olive oil. This is called C60 Olive Oil.

Obviously the other remarkable observation of this paper is that the rodents taking the C60 had their oxidative stress (free radical) reduced to such a low level that the rodents almost doubled their life. The third is the ease with which the body can then eliminate C60.
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j - January 22, 2014

can anyone send me the link to the video about C60 Olive Oil please cant find link

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